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Progress of the foxes

                                 PROGRESS OF THE FOXES 

As soon as they decided they let everyone know

That there are a lot of jobs in the village.

They are looking for volunteers, to carry the stones,

And others, experts, to blend the mud quickly.


A group of foxes plants oleander

They do whatever they are told without saying anything back!

They dig…they water…they fill…they carry….

-Will not there be a minister from Steni?


They create staircases on the hills, canyons…cliffs…fruit and vegetable gardens,

Hanging gardens when one only used to see thorns!

The ditches in the road of Poli and Steni blossom

And mansions are everywhere to be seen around the village.


Young people are in a rush to have children,

To increase the population. They are not only words.

Their vision is: “Steni, the capital of Cyprus!”

And to find its name in the Guinness book of records.


It was out and about that the village was growing like a city,

And that it is developing.

Wherever you are, its cleanliness is known,

And all small foxes are smiley and proud!


Foreigners and locals come and built their houses here.

Who will teach them our tradition?

Will they know how to speak our language?

-Well, who knows? God is great!...We shall see!


Hopefully what we do will be blessed and successful

So that we will see carved neighborhoods again,

To see revived traditions as young people

So that we would never forget about them!

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