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Fox in the city

                       FOX IN THE CITY (NICOSIA) 

The fox was sleeping and dreaming of piles of stones

And of money coming from the drainage


He calls his master in the morning and asks him

About his dream, if he can explain it to him


-“Surely my friend, you will go to the city, and ask if they will let

you build stone walls!”


He sends them a message: “to be accepted in the City”.

The fox got upset and wondered when he would go!


He though they would not accept him,

And that they would throw his dream in the gutter.


When did a fox ever leave Akamas to go to the city?

That has never been heard of!


He felt as if he was in the middle of nowhere

But he decided: “I am going!”


He left the truck and bought a big Mercedes

Because the heat was intolerable!


He even got a disciple, named Yiannos Anastasi,

To keep an eye on his every move.


He finally made it to the city, “to discuss everything”

Too bad! We were not there! We did not have a feast….


Good for him, the Minister, before he even asked them,

He served them refreshing cold water.


He accepted the idea of stone walls,

With running waters for the trees.


When he saw that his dream came true,

He flew quickly back to his village.


But at the same time he thought

that the Minister would come after him for sure!


When he got back, everyone in Steni were having a great feast!

They were incessantly ringing the bell!

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