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Fox Assembly

                                         FOX ASSEMBLY 

The foxes have gathered and are having a conference

To see “how is our village doing”

They were trying to think ways to find ideas

“How to raise the number of youngsters!”


-What has changed in the village since last year?

-Come, let us talk the truth!

-There, small donkeys have wholly vanished!

-But…there are four saddles…in the streets!


They have great plans for the future of Steni!

-The council will bring Lellos next year!

They want a European breeze blowing in the village,

But all patriots should be honored!


That is why they decided to construct monuments,

To honor the heroes that made history!

For travelers and locals to see

That they owe their freedom to them!


-Yes, we joined the European Union they say

but who knows today about for…tapatzia (a wooden log for saving bread) for…kopin (abundance)

that is why- as I have heard- they are building museums!

T have windows with…pottery,…bells and instruments!


We will bring our guests to admire them

To take pictures of them and test them.

-Will not they build a stadium for the youngsters to play?

With headers and kicks to learn how to play football?


-Our village is even on the internet!

With all our nicknames and our peoples nicknames

Our projects and work will be handed down to our offsprings,

So as to investigate, to know who their ancestors are!


-We must not forget the expatriates,

young and old, rich and poor and always locals!

We have scientists, doctors, lads

That went abroad, behind their mothers.


They went through everything alone, without any holidays,

Only with Christ and Virgin Mary near them!

We want everyone to come back home

And enjoy the rest of their lives with us!

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