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During the last years the prices for land at Steni have been increased, both in built-up or rural areas.

Our opinion for the reasons that increased the interest of foreigners and local people for purchasing land at Steni are the following:

First: The small distance of the village from the sea and the village Polis Chrysohous.

Second: It’s a combination of mountain, plain and sea, thus having a great climate during winter and summertime.

Third: The high prices of land in the urban regions.

Fourth: The tendency that prevails for the return of the immigrants to the villages and the young persons to remain there.

For the above reasons the young couples and repatriated people prefer to live in the village, building their residences in their own properties, while at the same time they can work somewhere else during their free time.

Over the last years many foreigners mainly from England, have shown big interest for purchasing land for the construction of residences at Steni and some others do not live permanently now at the village.

Big developing companies have shown interest for purchasing land in regions that have a view of the Gulf of Chrysohous and have already bought enough extents, something that shows that the growth of our region is a matter of time.

Tourist villas and apartments entertain almost all the time, foreign and local visitors, which leave with the better impressions for Steni. Indicative for the growth that is forecasted for the community in the near future, is that all the authorizations of building that have been published during the last year, they globally constitute the authorizations that had been published over the last twenty years.

The years of languor have expired and the community entered a period of growth and development that will be for sure continued due to the conditions that exist for this.

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